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Cash-flow profitability and budget workshop

The Department of State Development plans to deliver a series of half-day workshops designed to give small businesses the knowledge and skills to take advantage of business opportunities, accelerate their growth and increase profitability.

This professionally delivered workshop will highlight the importance of planning, managing and monitoring your finances and cash-flow as an on-going fundamental part of your business strategy. Even if you have an accountant, as a business owner, you must understand the numbers, know the difference between cash and profit and be in control of your cash situation. A cash flow budget will help you forecast what cash will be available to meet your business expenses showing the expected flow of cash in and out and predicts the bank balance at the end of each month. This will highlight how well you are doing, help you follow up with your debtors and take corrective action in advance if necessary to avoid/minimise potential problems.

Topics include:

Cash-flow and what it can do for your business;

Budgeting developing realistic budgets and the importance of budgeting;

Pricing strategies that work for your business;

Practical tips for improving your cash flow;

Control of debtors (receivables);

Control of inventory;

Internal management tools;

Templates to accurately formulate sales pricing based on your fixed overheads and profit;

Understand how to read your profit and loss statements to understand the available cash in the business at any given time.


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Ethan Walter
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