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Pinery fire recovery newsletter, Issue 6

Issue 6 of the Pinery fire recovery newsletter.

Gratitude for the CFS 

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The community throughout the fire zone has expressed gratitude for the incredible work of CFS volunteers in many ways. The community around Tarlee and Stockport chose this unique way to show its appreciation.

A smashing community effort

When Mike Sharman contacted BlazeAid to say a group from Two Wells, Long Plains, Mallala and Balaklava were organising a Super 8 cricket match and fundraiser, it was to bring people impacted by the fire together and lift their spirits. He could never have imagined it would raise in excess of $100,000.

Undeterred by the heat, the crowd poured into Long Plains Recreation Ground to enjoy a great match and show their support for the local community when it really needed it. One of SA’s favourite sons Mark Ricciuto even dropped by! Volunteers kept the crowd happy with donated food and drinks.

A superb range of donated items from local businesses including wine, plumbing equipment, sporting goods, fencing equipment, vouchers and even a ride-on lawn mower ensured a successful auction on the day.

The funds raised have been used to purchase six locally built trailers. The first is near completion. All of the equipment to stock these trailers is being sourced locally. When the camp closes, these trailers will all be stored in South Australia until they are needed again.

L-R: BlazeAid Roseworthy Camp Coordinator Wendy Cope, Barb Tomalin, Mark Ricciuto, and Mick Tomalin. Image courtesy BlazeAid.

Footy season kicks off early

The AFL has offered free admission to people in the Pinery fire area to a match between Port Power and Melbourne. The game is being played at Playford Alive Oval, Elizabeth on Saturday 27 February, starting at 1.35pm

To obtain tickets please visit the Recovery Centre in Gawler, located at TAFE Gawler campus – 43 High Street, Gawler, after Monday 1 February, or phone the centre on 0477 744 258. The 400 tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Counselling for men?

By Dr John Ashfield

The Northern Health Network, together with Country and Outback Health, are providing free and confidential counselling services in response to the Pinery fire. The question is; are these services useful and relevant for men.

As men, we may sometimes have to override some powerful instincts to seek assistance because, for most of us, seeking help with personal problems doesn’t come naturally. It can seem easier to postpone action until every last bit of our capacity to cope is exhausted, or the earnest prompting of a partner can’t be ignored any longer.

From a male perspective, there’s no doubt that counselling can be really useful for getting some perspective on things, and discovering our blind spots. It’s also an excellent way of picking up some practical strategies for dealing with things like growing anxiety, a persistently flat mood, a deteriorating pattern of sleep, or troubles in a relationship.

Most men have little time for the sort of counselling that seems endlessly circular, keeps raking over feelings, and doesn’t give something to work with. And that’s fine. What you will probably find helpful, though, is to have a go at getting ‘inside’ your experience – but in your words, in your way, and at your own pace.

If you are thinking about counselling, remember it has a lot to offer, but you will have to make it work for you. You can access counselling (including outside your local area) by phoning (08) 8209 0700.

Helping paddock trees recover

Paddock trees are a critical part of our landscape. They provide shelter for stock and help to reduce soil erosion. They also provide important habitat for native animals like birds, possums and micro-bats (small insectivorous bats). Much of this wildlife plays an important role in keeping insect populations in balance. This is important for healthy agricultural production and the natural environment.

Many of the paddock trees burnt in the Pinery fire are beginning to recover. Some are already re-shooting from the branches or base, depending on how severely they have been burnt. Others may not re-shoot until it rains, so patience is required to see how they recover.

Many of these trees are extremely old and, before settlement, were surrounded by other, tall vegetation. It is important to realise that, as they are now weakened and exposed, they are susceptible to insect attack, herbicide drift, competition from weeds and higher nutrient levels.

Paddock trees tend to survive because they are tall and browsing animals can’t eat their canopy. Re-shooting stumps need to be protected from grazing animals such as stock, kangaroos and rabbits. Rabbits are likely to be a major concern right now as food resources will be extremely scarce across the burnt area. 

Image courtesy DEWNR

There a number of ways to protect your paddock trees:

·      Don’t allow stock access to recovering trees until shoots are strong and out of browsing range, for example taller than two metres.

·      Consider fencing trees to exclude stock either temporarily or permanently.

·      Think about planning for the planting of new trees if old trees don’t recover.

·      Avoid fertiliser use, cultivation and herbicide drift near regenerating trees.

·      Keep fallen timber debris on the ground around the base of trees as this will recycle nutrients for trees to access later.

·      Keep dead trees that are still standing for native animals to shelter and nest.

·      Control rabbits across your property including roadsides. Rabbit numbers can be reduced by baiting and warrens can be destroyed by fumigation and ripping. Increase the effectiveness of your control work by working with your neighbours

For information and advice on soil health, native vegetation, weeds, foxes, rabbit control, property planning, or a free property visit, contact Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges on (08) 8523 7700 or Northern and Yorke on (08) 8841 3400. Alternatively visit www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/adelaidemtloftyranges. Have a chat with a staff member at the Pinery Fire Recovery Centre at the Gawler TAFE - 43 High Street, Gawler on weekdays between 9am and 11.30am. You can find its dedicated fire recovery page at www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/adelaidemtloftyranges/land/fire-management/pinery-fire-recovery.

Stay connected

The Pinery Fire Recovery Hotline 1800 302 787 provides recovery information for people affected by the fire. The latest fire recovery information is also available online at www.sa.gov.au/recovery or the SA Bushfire Recovery Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SABushfireRecovery.

Tax and insurance payments

There are many variables when it comes to tax on insurance payments received. You are encouraged to chat with your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to help you make the right decisions before repairing, rebuilding or replacing your home or shed.

A comprehensive document is available on the ATO website to assist those whose property has been damaged or destroyed. To read the full document titled When your property is damaged or destroyed online, visit www.ato.gov.au/individuals/dealing-with-disasters/damaged-or-destroyed-property, alternatively please phone the Pinery Fire Recovery Centre in Gawler on 0477 744 258 to request a copy.

The ATO invites you to phone 1800 806 218 during business hours if you have any questions or require assistance. Keep an eye on future editions of this newsletter, as the ATO will bring you a series of informative updates in the coming weeks.

Fences and the law

When it comes to re-fencing, a friendly chat with your neighbour can go a long way. The Fences Act 1975 provides the legal structure and process to be followed, and you can find information about this on the Legal Services Commission website at www.lawhandbook.sa.gov.au/ch31s02.php. Alternatively, you can collect a handbook from your local Council office called Fences and the Law. Both sources provide a guide to the rights of both parties in the process, the cost breakdown, and other considerations including the types of forms that will be useful in documenting neighbour agreements, for example the Notice of Intention to Perform Replacement, Repair or Maintenance Work on a Fence. For more information, phone the free legal assistance hotline on 1300 366 424.


ARTLAB: Conserving and salvaging your collectables and family treasures

Bring your precious items for inspection by a conservator from Artlab. Registrations are essential. To register, phone (08) 8207 7520 or email artlab@sa.gov.au.

Hamley Bridge:

Saturday 6 February, 10am to 4pm

Hamley Bridge Institute – 15 Gilbert Street


Saturday 20 February, 10am to 4pm

Venue to be confimed

Managing horses on small properties

Horse SA (free to Fire Impact Card holders)

Sunday 6 March, 9.30am to 4pm

Roseworthy Campus

Register at www.trybooking.com/JZNO

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