Housing Australia Future Fund and National Housing Accord

Agency:  Housing Australia

Closing:  22 March 2024

Eligibility: Community housing providers, Australian States and Territories, local governing bodies, and Local, State or Territory government-owned corporations, Charitable entities with a primary purpose of improving housing outcomes for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, or for current or former members of the Australian Defence Force, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) whose purpose is to increase social and/or affordable housing.


The Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) and the National Housing Accord are Federal Government initiatives to improve housing outcomes for Australians and will collectively support the delivery of 20,000 new social and 20,000 new affordable homes across Australia over five years.

The HAFF is a $10 billion investment fund established by the Federal Government and managed by the Future Fund. The income generated by the HAFF will provide disbursements used to deliver 20,000 new social and 10,000 new affordable homes over five years, including housing to support acute housing needs. Housing Australia is expected to administer the majority of disbursements from the HAFF which will be provided to the Housing Australia Future Fund Facility (HAFFF).

Under the National Housing Accord, the Federal Government has committed to delivering 10,000 new affordable homes over five years from 2024. The National Housing Accord Facility (NHAF) is the instrument through which Housing Australia will support the delivery of affordable homes via financing under the National Housing Accord.

Over the 5-year program rollout, it is anticipated that there will be multiple HAFFF and NHAF funding rounds. Applicants who are unsuccessful or do not participate in Funding Round One are encouraged to participate in future potential funding rounds.

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