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Amanda Redden
Project Coordinator, Regional Leadership Program
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Emerging Leaders (Facebook Event Cover)

The Emerging Leaders Program has been designed to develop local people to become the leaders of tomorrow. It is being funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions.

The program is designed to help emerging leaders in the region who are willing, able, and ready to take on their first, or more senior, leadership roles in community organisations or clubs to benefit their communities. The aim of this project is to deliver a high-quality program for the region that will:

  • Provide a range of skills, competencies and personal transformation
  • Motivate existing or new potential leaders to serve their communities
  • Develop participant’s capacity to enact change
  • Grow the number of leaders within the region
  • Improve regional collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Create a network of supportive emerging leaders


Four intakes of the Emerging Leaders Program were held last year:

  • The online sessions were held from September to October 2023.
  • The Mid North intake was held from June to November 2023.
  • The Yorke Peninsula intake was held from February to July 2023.
  • The Southern Flinders intake was held from September 2022 to March 2023.

Community Group Coaching

The coaching for community groups will be provided with a Cooee Collective facilitator to support and work together with the group on their chosen relevant topic:

• Governance (ensuring everything is in place and working out what needs to be done)
• Building a positive committee team and organisation culture
• Strategic Planning
• Finance management
• Streamlining meetings
• Changing the constitution
• Reducing risks (financial, club, infrastructure, cyber etc).

This professional support is to enable community groups to feel confident to move forward and in the right direction.

The online coaching cost is a one-off fee of $50 per club/organisation.


Case Studies

Eileen Martin
Olivia Maywald
Matthew Stock
Clare Valley Hutt Project
Gayle McInerney
Sarah Welke

Mid North Intake

Useful link 

Committee Toolkit – A comprehensive toolkit to assist committees/board with the management of their community organisation

Program Partners:

This program is made possible through funding provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia and the support of Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North as project manager.