Leadership Masterclass

leadership masterclass

For leaders wanting to drive progress withing their sector and community and who have the potential to bring about positive change within their communities by leading people, organisations and change.

This stream will be delivered as four leadership development workshops facilitated by Cooee Collective.


This program aims to focus and build on existing leadership skillsets, therefore workshops 3 and 4 have been left for the participants to design their course content to enhance their Leadership skills.  

1. Leading during times of Change  

  • Understand how people adopt to change  
  • How to manage change both strategic and unexpected  
  • Understand the different type of leadership styles and how to make hard decision, build trust and develop confidence

2. Critical and creative thinking 

  • Understand our thinking process and how to manage and apply these intentionally  
  • Learn skills that support innovation, strategic and flexible thinking  
  • Explore growth mindset and the impact on perspective and problem solving.

This program will be co-designed with the participants to reflect and deliver upon the specific leadership needs of this cohort of leaders.

Examples of topics which may be covered include:

  • Resilience and succeeding through adversity
  • Separating management and leadership functions
  • Succession planning
  • Communicating to convince people

Workshop Dates/Locations

Leading during times of Change

Friday 4th June 2025

Critical and Creative Thinking

Friday 3rd July 2025

Co-design workshop #3

Friday 31st July 2025

Co-design workshop #3

Friday August 29th 2025

Registrations close 5pm Sunday 11th May 2025

Course Eligibility:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Reside in the Yorke and Mid North (YMN) region
  • Able to commit to four full day sessions
  • Currently involved or aim to be involved in a local community group
  • Currently or aim to join an executive team.
  • Aim to bring about organisational change
  • Aim to bring about community/system-level change
  • Prepared to extend yourself or have already extended yourself


The program is $100 per participant.

Participants have the option to be sponsored by a community organization or club.

Options are available if you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to discuss.  

Leadership Masterclass Program News

There is currently no news on this program.

Amanda Redden
Project Coordinator, Regional Leadership Program
Send her an email
0438 641 477