National Justice Reinvestment Program

Agency: Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department
Closing: 10 September 2024
Eligibility: You must demonstrate how you will centre your work on the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in your community, including by demonstrating you have support and authority to lead or act as the coordinating body for this work within a community, and that the work will be delivered in partnership with community members.

The Australian Government is inviting applications through an open non-competitive process to deliver justice reinvestment initiatives.

Funding is available from 2024–25 to 2025–26 for place-based community-led justice reinvestment initiatives.

The objective of this grant opportunity is to:

  • support the development and delivery of community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led justice reinvestment initiatives across Australia, by supporting:
  • the development, implementation, and evaluation of local justice reinvestment strategies and activities
  •  local project teams and leadership structures to undertake the work of developing, implementing and evaluating justice reinvestment strategies.

$10M is available in Round 2. There is no minimum or maximum amount per grant.

Link for information here